Support Plans

Connect with the creators of Trailblazer by subscribing to a plan, and get premium support from us.

Trailblazer Pro is a monthly subscription plan.

When subscribing, you will benefit from professional support and help us to make Trailblazer better every day!

What you'll get.

  • Support tickets Per month, you can open one support ticket and we'll help you solve it.*
  • Private slack channel For quick questions or support sessions, you can use our chat - we will help within 6 hours.
  • Premium docs You get unlimited access to our curated Trailblazer cookbook. We add recipes every week.

* You can purchase more tickets via our credit system launching in August.

$ 12 /month

For one developer.

$ 29 /month

For company teams.

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Your credit card will be charged every month - on the day you subscribed.

And you can cancel the plan anytime in our backend.

"How do I inject the current user into a Reform validation?"

Once subscribed, you have access to the premium cookbook with weekly added content.

You'll get invited to a private slack channel.

Here, we can briefly discuss issues and give you real-time support. This is a free service we provide, depending on availability.

For more complex issues, you open a ticket.

The time it takes us to help you is measured. You have up to 20 minutes free per month and can buy more time.